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Our Mission

Our bear is the mindset pivot in the approach to medical data. At the moment, we are giving out medical data for free, and a huge amount of this data is in a messy arrears in public hospitals. This data is very valuable, and corporations, research centers and other interested institutions are willing to pay a lot for reliable data. What we want to give users is the ability to track this data and earn money on it. Because their value is greater than most people realize, and of course, we also want to earn on the business model we have created (this is obvious).


Our vision is a reality in which every test result, every medical epichesis or other information that directly concerns us is very personal and valuable not only to us, it is used in rationality, compliance with regulations and in a manner expressing respect for the owners of this information. When the owners of medical data have free access to it and when they can be part of the process by which the data is bought by corporations and are able to consciously profit from it. First of all, we also want to make people aware of how valuable information is nowadays, so if we have to pass it on anyway, it would also be good to have something of it.


 At this point, when we are talking about the technology that best serves its purpose in terms of security, it is most certainly blockchain technology. Not because of the level of its complexity, but because of the decentralization and thus the diversification of risk. In our solution, we do not plan to put all the data in the blockchain network, which would be ineffective. We want to use its security potential, making NFT tokens insensitive to hacking attacks and manipulations, keys to individual medical data records.

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WHo we are


Q1 2018

In coordination with specialists from the OXY CLINIC Sp. z o.o. (previously Nova Medic Sp.z o.o.), the concept the MediHash platform and the TeleOrtho application was made. The project combined the telemedicine industry and blockchain technology was created

Q1 2018

International Accelerator of Telemedicine Technologies the - the idea came true. Together with Professor Wojciech Glinkowski, sets up a company dealing with the aggregation of telemedicine technologies and cooperation with universities.

Q1 2019

Fractional proprietary copyrights to software as a payment model - was a concept that is a preview of today's NFT tokens!

Q1 2019

The MediHash (Health Miner) project received the Best Start'up 2019 award on Finance World Expo 2019 Zug Summit

Q3 2019

"Enterprise of the future" award.

Q4 2019

Signed contract with scientific partners.

Q1 2020

First place in BEF Roadshow on Latoken.

Q1 2020

Beginning project adaptation to COVID-19.

Q2 2020

Beginning research and development of AI and Blockchain in Telemedicine.

Q2 2020

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority approved for tokenization of telemedicine through IAAT.

Q1 2023

Research and development of the solution in post pandemic period.

Q3 2023

Medical data exchange incorporation to the telemedicoin project.

Q4 2023

Implementation of MVP tests for users.

Q1 2024

Selective placing on the market the Accelerator's telemedicine solutions. Implementation of application tests in conditions similar to real ones

Q3 2024

Issue of tokens on the Uniswap exchange. Listing on the international cryptocurrency exchange. Final version of the platform and application.

Q1 2025

Own blockchain network SecureHealthChain (SHC) - combined with all IAAT solutions. Health data shared with partners.

Q3 2025

Business model adaptive changes for the private medical sector. The final solution for patients.

Q2 2026

Internationalization of the project in leading markets. Enterprises around the world and application users benefit from the solution from data and the growing value of MDHT